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No pain, no gain

YunJae | nc-17 | post lawsuit, smut, slight angst

[ Yunho's performance incident went viral among the fans on internet. When the news reach Jaejoong via Junsu, Yoochun's sacrificial lamb, the singer finally loses it. He will do anything to hear the man and make sure he is okay and is surprised when he finds the tall dancer leaning on a wall next to his doorstep. ]

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YunJae | pg | angst

[ And after so many years of searching the galaxies, you realize that person became your stargazing point. ]

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YunJae | pg | angst

[ Because there are paths meant to be walked forever. Even, just as a memory. ]

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Oil me up

YunJae | nc-17 | AU, smut, romance

[ Yunho's nights are lonely with only his right or sometimes left hand as a tight heat. Hard life of an oil platform worker. ]

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First time

YunJae | nc-17 | AU, smut, romance

[ Kim Jaejoong - was a sucker for romance. But he would've never imagined that at the age of 25 he would be 'purchasing' the conditions in which his own virginity would be taken away. And yet, there he was. Dressed up in the middle of his apartment and nervously waiting for the 'prince' to sweep him away. ]

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Stars align

YunJae | pg/r | AU, heavy angst

[ Remember that night?
I held you close with a shaking heart.
You said, everything would be fine.
That night the stars were about to align. ]

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Forgive me

YunJae | pg | AU, angst

[ It was a secret never meant to be shared. ]

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Silent whispers

YunJae | r | AU, angst, romance

[ 'You be my voice, and I'll be your eyes,' he once carved in the bark of an old Oak tree. ]

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Melted away

YunJae | nc17 | AU, implied BDSM, smut, romance

[ Jaejoong is an employee at one of Japan's finest hot-springs. Cue in a hot Korean businessman and a quite unusual request which will lead to an interesting turn of events, and what Jaejoong thought would be just another day at work. ]

part one | part two


[15/4/14; updated 18/11/16]

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